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At the same price with small car, SH 300i’s sale reached 70 units each month (24/06)

At the price of 248 mil VND, Honda SH 300i’s value is equivalent to a small car, however, its sale is still very high, exceeded expectations. Launched in late 2016, Honda SH 300i is expected to sell about 400 units in 2017. However, in fact, its sale in the first three months of 2017 reached 200 units, it means 70 units each month in average. Apart from expensive selling price, all SH 300i users are required to have a A2 class driver license (driver license for motorcycles from 175cc upwards).

Apart from expensive selling price, Honda SH 300i is favored by Vietnamese people thanks to its elegant design, suitable for businessman & fit with the physical of vietnamese people. In addition, SH brand is inherently well-built in the premium segment.

Honda SH 300i 2016 uses the 279cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, integrated with PGM FI system to produce 25.2hp & 25.5Nm of peak torque.

According to the 2016 report, scooter sales are on the increase and outperforming cub sales. Unlike 10 years ago, the moment when Vietnamese market is flooded with cheap vehicles such as Wave Alpha, Dream or cub models with their price under 20 mil VND. Today, mid range scooters such as Air Blade, Vision or Honda SH are the choice of many consumers. In particular, Honda Vision’s sale surpassed Wave Alpha’s sale to become the best-selling motorcycle of Honda in Vietnam. In the premium segment, Honda SH remains the “king” of the market.


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