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The 5 most searched cubs in Vietnam (27/06)

The 5 most searched cubs on the motorcycle sale website in Vietnam:

– Honda Wave: High durability and ability of fuel economy – the selling price of all old Honda Wave is generally under 20 million VND

– Yamaha Sirius: The ability of fuel economy along with smooth operation and durability over time. The used latest version of Yamaha Sirius 2013 uses YMJet-Fi engine with new design prices at about 15 – 18 mil VND. Other olders versions prices from 8 – 14 mil VND.

– Yamaha Jupiter: Sporty design and durable engine – prices from 12 – 15 mil VND, depending on its status.

– Honda Dream: pretty neutral design and fuel economy engine. The old Dream assembled in Vietnam is priced at less than 10 mil VND, while the one imported from Thailand has the price very high, up to a hundred mil VND.

– Suzuki Viva: It uses the 110cc, 4-stroke, SOHC, air-cooled engine which is stronger than its rival Honda Dream. Currently, Suzuki Viva 2000-2005 is priced from 7 – 17 mil VND, while the new upgraded version 2013 is priced from 16 – 23 mil VND.


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