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Yamaha XSR900 and XSR700 2018 introduced (International) (09/10)

‘Recently, Yamaha officially launched XSR900 2018 and XSR700 2018. Compared to the previous model, they only have new color options, Racing Red and Brilliant Red.

In XSR900, there are two white vertical stripes on two sides of fuel tank. Meanwhile, in XSR700, these stripes go along the tank.

The former still uses 847cc, 3-cylinder engine, pushing out 115hp of max power and 87,5Nm of max torque. Meanwhile the latter continues to carry 689cc, 2-cylinder engine which generates 74,8hp of max power and 68Nm of max torque. Both are equipped with 6-speed gearbox.

XSR900 2018 and XSR700 2018 are on sale at 9.499 USD (216 mil VND) and 8.499 USD (193 mil VND), respectively.


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