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Kawasaki unveil new for Kawasaki Ninja 400 with its design inspired by Ninja H2 (International) (26/10)

The old Ninja 300 couldn’t haul itself through Euro4, so was killed off to make way for this new Ninja 400, boasting greater performance than its predecessor from an all-new engine and chassis – the net effect being a claimed weight saving of 8kg. No details have been released on price or availability.

Power is expected to come from the 399cc parallel twin-cylinder engine that has max power is 44.8hp and max torque is 38Nm, while paired to a 6-speed gearbox.

Also expect to see upgrades to the suspension and braking hardware, while ABS will be offered as standard. Kawasaki could also introduce ride-by-wire and subsequently riding modes on the new Ninja 400. More details on the new Ninja, will be available at EICMA soon. It also gets a new Assist & Slipper clutch.

Offering considerable weight savings compared to its predecessor, the new frame is claimed to offer improved stability and manoeuvrability. The stiffer, non-adjustable 41mm (previously 37mm) fork had been developed to deliver better action, and the brake hanging off it features the latest ABS unit from Nissin, clamping down on a 310mm semi-floating disc. Star-pattern 5-spoke wheels similar to those of the Ninja 650 contribute to the weight-loss programme, while their improved lateral rigidity benefit sharper handling and cornering stability.

Up at the sharp end are a pair of LED headlamps, each featuring low and high beams, as well as a LED position lamp. In the rider’s view is the same instrument cluster as the Ninja 650, contributing to the high-grade feel of the package.

Its fuel tank is 14L.

Accessories will include a larger screen, power outlet, ERGO-FIT high seat (+30 mm), tank bag, tank pad, radiator screen, frame sliders, wheel rim tape, pillion seat cover, helmet lock and U-lock.


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