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Small hand-clutch, a catalyst for Vietnam motorcycle market (14/12)

Leading hand-clutch segment in Vietnam are Yamaha Exciter and Honda Winner. By Nov 2017, Exciter is the bestselling in this market with sale of 188,695 units. Meanwhile, Winner had 76,764 units sold. The rest of the market mostly belongs to Raider, Axelo of Suzuki, FZ150i of Yamaha. Each manufacturer has their own design, different from the others’ on market.

Currently, the youth are paying more attention to hand-clutch motorcycles due to new experiences they can get from the vehicles. Their price, ranging from 50 mil VND, is quite affordable to those under 30 years old. In addition, sporty designs allow drivers to express their own personalities.

Easy to use, having 150cc engine generating enough output, small hand-clutch motorcycles easily get closer to customers. However, its masculine design, small u-box, inflexibility in traffic jams somewhat prevent itself from well developing.

However, when market reaches saturation as current, hand-clutch motorcycles may let motorcycle segment to have more chance to mature.


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