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Honda Air Blade 2018 features Smart Key (16/12)

‘New Air Blade will be launched in Vietnam with Smart Key as a new feature. This technology will be adopted on all versions (except the Standard) to enhance anti-theft system. In addition, it allows customers to easily locate their vehicles in large parking lots.

Honda Air Blade 2018 also gets new speedometer and sticker. Particularly, the line “10 Anniversary Since 2007” and unique logo let 10th-anniversary version stand out from the others.

The model employs 125cc engine, generating max power of 11.26hp at 8,500rpm and max torque of 11.26Nm at 5,000rpm. Both front and rear get hydraulic suspensions.

Air Blade 2018 is expected to be on sale from 26th Dec with price ranging from 38 mil to 41.6 mil VND. During 10 years in Vietnam, 3.4 mil units have been sold, recording Air Blade as the bestselling of mid – scooter segmentation.


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