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Scooter’s prices tend to fluctuate at the end of year (21/12)

‘As usual, many try to get motorbikes for new year despite of rising price. Although SH has price increasing by 15 mil VND, it still sells well in HEADs of Hanoi. Vision or Air Blade’s sales also have the same pattern.

Different from Honda, Yamaha cuts down prices as a promotion. Some which are not authorized dealers of Yamaha tend to offers products at lower prices than the authorized ones. In general, most customers are attracted to Grande because of its large ubox. Meanwhile, Acruzo and Janus draw a little attention, even when a discount of 1 mil VND is offered.

Reserve patterns of Honda and Yamaha is such a surprise to market because “as tradition”, both would have products on sale at higher prices in the event of new year. Currently, price reduction of Yamaha is expected to push more scooters of this brand onto market.


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