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Unique Curtiss Warhawk priced at USD 105,000 (International) (24/02)

‘Named after a World War II fighter plane, Curtiss Warhawk 2018 was introduced in memory of Glenn Curtiss, who invented V-twin engine in the US. There are only 35 units scheduled to be manufactured at price of USD 105,000 per one.

This model features 2,163 cc V-Twin engine which pushes out max power of 150hp at 5,200rpm and max torque of 217Nm at 2,000rpm. Pairing with it is a 5-speed gearbox which supports vehicle to reach max speed of 265km per hour. Carrying modular 6061-T6 aluminum alloy chassis, Curtiss Warhawk weights 258.5kg. It gets carbon-fiber rims and suspension system from Racetech. Beringer braking system includes 230mm font disc brake and 40 rear one.

This is the last model of the America manufacturer to be equipped with internal combustion engine before they focus on developing electric one. “V-Twin is one of the most iconic and revered internal combustion engines in motorcycle industry” said Matt Chambers, manager director of Curtiss Motorcycles.


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