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New Honda LEAD to celebrate 10th anniversary (14/06)

Honda LEAD was first launched in Vietnam in Dec, 2008. To celebrate 10th anniversary, the manufacturer officially introduced the new LEAD 125.

During the last 10 ten years, the model has been continually upgraded. In 2013, engine displacement increased from 110cc to 125cc. In 2015, LEAD comes with LED light strip having high illumination efficiency. And in 2017, remarkably, SMART Key was introduced on this model. There were more than 1.7 mil vehicles of LEAD delivered to customers in 10 years.

The 10th – anniversary version is dedicated to those who trust and support LEAD in particular and Honda’s products in general. There is no upgrade in features nor engine but the new LEAD offers more choices of colour to customer. In the colour scheme of matte black and red, 10th anniversary version is priced at VND 39.79 mil. On this occasion, new colour schemes of the Standard and Premium were also introduced.


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