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Honda Vietnam’s motorcycle business is at a stalemate in late 2019 compared to the same period of last year.

In recent months, motorcycle and automobile business from Honda Vietnam has been under much pressure. This is most apparent in October when sales of both markets see dramatic decreases compared to last year.

Over to November, Honda Vietnam had their slight improvement. For 2-wheeled products, total sales registered is 230,288 units, 1.1% higher than October but lower than last year by 2.22%. Among the segment of underbones, Wave Alpha continues to emerge victor with its number being 39,476 units which accounts for 17.14% total motorcycles sales of November. Honda Wave Alpha is currently the cheapest underbone from the Japanese manufacturer at a listed price of 17.8 million VND.

Meanwhile, Honda Vision leads Honda Vietnam at 51,098 units sold in November, that is 22.19% total sales. Vision’s price varies from 30-32 million VND depending on versions.

According to HVN’s announcements, their cumulative sales in financial year 2020 has reached 1,736,990 units, a slight decrease by 0.33% in comparison with 2018. Overall, it would seem that they are losing a fraction of their Vietnamese market shares at the moment.

On 15/12, Honda Vietnam is reported make a revelation for a brand-new model, which many expects to be the new Honda Air Blade 2020 with multiple upgrades. Hopefully the emergence of a new factor will somewhat reattract consumers at the end of year.


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