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At over 40 million VND, female customers may have a variety of selections of scooters, most of which are equipped with ABS for better safety.

  1. Honda SH Mode: 51,7-57 million VND

Honda SH Mode was released in late May 2013, and Vietnam is the first market in the world to be introduced this brand-new model.

Despite emerging after Honda SH, SH Mode employs a more compact body and more suitable for Vietnamese customers. This, in turn, results in the model being one of the best choices for scooters with an over 40 million VND price tag, stylish and versatile.

Honda only gives SH Mode a 125cc eSP engine, liquid-cooled, producing 10.9 HP at 8,500 RPM, max torque stands at 11.5 Nm at 5,000 RPM.

At the moment, Honda Vietnam is distributing SH Mode under 2 different variations of CBS and ABS, ranging from 52-57 million, the difference varies depending on agencies.

  1. Honda SH 125i: 71-79 million VND

Although the main customer base of SH 125i that Honda was aiming for is male, women have started to be interested in the model for its luxuriousness. The latest edition of SH was introduced by Honda on 5/11, being the most-changed version to ever been released.

Compared to SH Mode, SH 125i has a slightly stronger engine at 12.8 HP units at 8,250 RPM and a max torque of 12 Nm at 6,500 RPM.

Honda SH 125i is currently being sold under 2 brake’s variations of CBS and ABS. The given suggest price for Honda SH 125i is 71-79 million VND, while actual prices at agencies are 85-95 million.

  1. Vespa Sprint: 75,5-78,5 million VND

Earlier last month, Vespa Sprint 2019 was officially revealed with various upgrades. The highlight of Vespa Sprint 2019 lies in the LED system for both headlights and taillights, which is practically a brand-new design similar to the Vespa 946. Piaggio Vietnam informed that the model’s ECU is added a pressure gauge that aids the experience in higher regions.

Vespa Sprint employs a 124.5 cc engine, producing a power of 10.5 HP at 7,700 RPM and max torque registers 10.4 Nm at 6.000 RPM.

At the moment Vespa Sprint has 5 variations, ranging from 75.5 to 78.5 million, with all versions having ABS. The model is sold at exactly its suggested price in agencies.

  1. Vespa Primavera: 74,5-77,5 million VND

Released back in 2013 to carry on the legacy of Vespa LX, Primavera retains its traditional and luxurious designs from Vespa.

At its core, Vespa Primavera has a capacity of 124.5 cc just as the Vespa Sprint, which in turn results in identical specifications between the 2.

If Sprint is higher and more male-oriented, Primavera is the opposite with softer outlines at the front and lower seat.

At the moment, Vespa Primavera has 4 variations. Standard edition, the Primavera 125 i-Get ABS, is the cheapest at 74.5 million VND and at the other end is Primavera Yatch Club: 77,5 million.

  1. Vespa LX: 67,9 million VND

Once discontinued in 2013. Piaggio Vietnam has revived the line and resold it in March 2017. Vespa LX 2017 virtually bears no differences in terms of design.

Vespa LX employs 124.5cc i-Get engine, wind-cooled, giving 10.2 HP units at 7.600 RPM and a max torque of 10.2 Nm at 6,000 RPM.

Currently there are 6 colorways for Vespa LX in Vietnam, none has ABS. For those who favor Vespa’s roundness, LX should come first to mind.

  1. Piaggio Medley: 73,5-87,9 million VND

Piaggio Medley 2020 is now considered Honda SH’s tough rival. The new upgrade updates headlights into LED. The rest of Medley sees no changes in appearance, with its taillight still using halogenic bulbs.

Piaggio informed that they have also upgraded the i-Get on Medley for better operational ability. Max capacity of the 125cc engine clocks 14.8 HP and 12 Nm in max torque. Meanwhile, the 150cc variation gives 16.2 HP and 15 Nm.

There are 4 variations of Medley available, 3 of which are Medley 125cc. All versions have ABS implemented. Despite having various awesome accessories, whopping price and less-preferred designs compared to Honda SH poses a problem for sales.

  1. Piaggio Liberty: 48,9-58,5 million VND

A few months ago, Piaggio released the Liberty One, a lite version of Liberty. At a more affordable price, Liberty returns as a women’s favorite.

Piaggio Liberty uses the same single cylinder 3-valve i-Get for all versions; its engine has a 124.5cc in capacity. In terms of specifications, a max power of 10.1 HP is registered at 7,500 RPM; max torque stands at 10.4 Nm at 6.000 RPM.

Piaggio Liberty is distributed under 4 variants, and only Liberty One has no ABS. Its stylishness is a big plus, although quite outdated due to lack of upgrades.

  1. Yamaha Grande: 44-50 million VND

Compared to others in the same market, Yamaha Grande has a hybrid engine for its Premium edition. This is the only product to which Yamaha has given the technology.

Grande uses a Blue Core 125cc, producing 8 HP at 6,500 RPM, with max torque stands at 9.7 Nm at 5,000 RPM. The Premium with its hybrid engine raises numbers up to 8.2 HP and 10.4 Nm.

Should consumers opt for the cheapest version, Grande Standard edition can be taken into consideration, which has no ABS and no hybrid technology. The bike is more versatility-oriented rather than stylish, compared to SH Mode or Liberty One.


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