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Piaggio Medley ABS 2020 arrived with subtle changes, but just enough to be attractive towards Vietnamese customers.

As previously informed, Piaggio Medley ABS 2020 has officially been released in Vietnam at 75 million VND, slightly lower than the starting point of Honda SH ABS 2020. However, where lies the excitement of the 2020 Medley?

The respect for Piaggio Medley’s signature designs

Since its first release in 2015 until now, it can be inferred that Medley have not had much changes in the overall design when it retains its basic structure and specs of 2,020mm in length, 705mm in width 1,390mm of shaft length.

An interesting point to make is that Piaggio Medley ABS 2020 still employs 100/80-R16 front tire and 110/80-R14 for the rear. The main purpose is to ensure enough space for the massive trunk volume up to 36 liters, largest in the segment. This will be an advantage for those who often have to commute with much carry-ons.

Its seat retains the 2-level design, providing a higher seat position for the passenger and a sufficient backrest for the rider on long trips. The bike offers charging port for smartphones as well.

The iGet engine first seen on Medley 2015 was in for countless praise and so it carried on being applied for 2020 under 2 capacities of 125 and 150cc, bringing in maximum powers of 12 HP at 8,250 RPM and 14.75 HP at 7,750 RPM.

Piaggio Medley 2020’s highlighting safety feature is the magnetic anti-theft locking system and dual channel ABS. Auto Start/Stop is also available to help conserving fuel for Medley when commuting in urban landscapes. In addition, incline sensors cutting the engine in the event of tipping is standardized on Piaggio Medley ABS 2020.

It can be inferred that Piaggio are well aware of their strong points and have brought in quality upgrades to improve upon the already well-shaped experience for Vietnamese customers.

Subtle but needed changes

When the world is implementing LED headlights onto their products, Piaggio does the same. This is well presented in how Medley ABS 2020 is upgraded from Halogen to 2-level LED, just as the Vespa Sprint or Vespa GTS.

This acts as a necessary upgrade because Honda SH has already picked up LED at a very early stage, Furthermore, the head of the vehicle is also redesigned to be for fitting with the overall aesthetic of the new lighting system. Other changes to the frontal proportion acts as an enhancement to the model’s stoutness and personalities.

Also at the front, the former mechanical gauge of Medley has been replaced with a multifunctional digital screen, making the model all the more modern. More specially on version S, the screen is implemented with Bluetooth connectivity compatible with smartphones through Piaggio MIA app, similar to Vespa MIA on the Vespa GTS 300 HPE.

In addition, the rims of Piaggio Medley ABS 2020 are now changed to 5-spoke design with Y-spokes to bring a fresher look from the previous version. The coloring for Piaggio Medley ABS 2020 is also a change when it has been added with many new colors and somewhat in line with the current trend of car lovers such as Gray Matteria, Black Meteora, …

Most important is the price for Piaggio Medley ABS 2020. Although equipped with various new technology surpassing competitors, the model is only sold for 75 million VND, slightly lower than the 78 of Honda SH ABS. Furthermore, Piaggio Medley ABS is still voted as the more stable in price compared to the ever-inflating Honda SH ABS.


It is possible to say that Piaggio Medley ABS 2020 has been handy in its effort of retaining signature designs while still being effectively upgradable to fit in the general market. Even so, to strongly compete against giants, the model requires a major change to turn Vietnam into the number one market worldwide as desired by Mr. Gianluca Fiume, director of Piaggio Vietnam.


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