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Appearing for the first time at Vietnam Motorbike Motor Show in May 2017, Honda Rebel was officially sold at Honda Moto Store a year later. This model quickly captures the love of customers who love the blend of age-old classic beauty and contemporary style towards the future of a cruiser.

In order to satisfy customers’ tastes, Honda Vietnam has officially introduced a new version of the Honda Rebel 500. The model impresses the owners by applying two new colors, black and black and gray. Compared to the usual color tones chosen for large cylinder models, black and blue brings a different character, expressing the modernity in the model of cars and creating unique personality for owners. The second new color of this version is black and gray, which characterizes the “simplicity” and “room” that Rebel aims for.

In addition to 2 new exterior colors, the Rebel 500 is still designed with a neat appearance, along with a low seat height that makes driving feel easier when driving at a slow and medium speed.

In terms of performance, the Rebel 500 continues to be equipped with a twin-cylinder engine block with 471cc, liquid cooling, PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system. The engine produces a maximum capacity of 34kW at 8500 rpm and reaches a maximum torque of 43.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

The new Rebel 500 continues to be equipped with a two-channel anti-lock braking system that delivers high satisfaction, increasing the driving experience for users on every journey. The lock of the Rebel 500 is conveniently placed below, the left side of the gas tank is like the design commonly found on cruisers. The dashboard of the car is equipped with a negative LCD screen with a light blue background along with a button to set the mode, honoring the minimalist design of the car, while helping the operator easily observe the necessary information

The new version of Rebel 500 imported from Thailand was officially marketed on February 22, 2019 at the Honda Moto Store (Ho Chi Minh City) with a suggested price of VND 180 million ( VAT included).


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