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Honda has launched the 2017 “Youth with the Culture of Transport” competition (20/09)

Honda Vietnam has launched the 2017 "Youth with the Culture of Transport" competition nationwide. After more than 6 months of implementation of communication activities and training, 291 programs have been organized for more than 155,000 youth members across the country, 3 times higher than 2016. The prize structure consists of

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Tacita T-Cruise, the potential rival of Harley Davidson LiveWire (International) (19/09)

Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Tacita has announced its plans to expand its lineup with a new model T-Cruise (an electric cruiser) that will be formally unveiled at the AIMExpo 2017 in USA, aiming squarely at the American market to compete with Harley-Davidson LiveWire. Tacita hasn't yet revealed any technical information on

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